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New Jersey is a National Top-Ten Producer of Fruits and Vegetables?

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Last week was a perfect example of why we love the farmers’ market. We are lucky to have vendors serving up wonderful prepared foods and quality products. Walking along the tables, it is so easy to be tempted by all the fruits and vegetables, still dew-covered from the field, and debate what tasty meals to prepare using it all! When you include flavorful locally made meats, cheeses and wine, oh! the culinary adventures!

Did you know?

New Jersey is a National Top-Ten Producer of Fruits and Vegetables

2012 Statistics Rank Production Prod.Value Acres
Cranberries 3rd 550,000barrels $29.9million 3,000
Bell Peppers 3rd 120.3mill.lbs. $28.9million 3,400
Spinach 3rd 25.9mill.lbs. $12.7million 1,400
Peaches 4th 30,000tons $39.6million 5,300
Blueberries 5th 51.5mill.lbs. $80.8million 7,500
Cucumbers 5th 73.1mill.lbs. $15.7million 3,400
Squash 6th 43.4mill.lbs. $17.8million 3,100
Tomatoes 7th 56.7mill.lbs. $30.8million 2,700
Apples 8th 34mill.lbs. $28.5million 1,900
Sweet Corn 9th 68.4mill.lbs. $23.1million 7,200
Snap Beans 10th 8.4mill.lbs. $3.7million 2,700

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