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November 2014 — First Sunday in the Park at the Rock Mill Preserve.

October 2015 — Enthusiastic J&J Skillman team plants trees at Skillman Park.

Four-legged manager keeps team on task.

October 2016 Tree planing - J&J

October 2017 1st Sunday in the Park

Wildflower walk with Mary and Charlie Leck

    Charlie kicks off the walk                                      Mary talks lichen                        


Native Milkweed                                       Juniper berries                                  Gall on Red Cedar


         Invasive Mugwort                          Gall Fly gall on Goldenrod               Native Queen Anne’s Lace,                   aka wild carrot

Two American natives, Foxtail and Queen Anne’s Lace aka wild carrot
Scarlet Pimpernel  (Hello Leslie Howard fans!)
Park Art







See the grasshopper?                           
Milkweed bugs


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