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Market Focus: Griggstown Farms

Todd Royer

George is doing his Happy Chicken dance because Griggstown Farms is now selling vegetarian pot pies! Also helping George sleep at night are new fruit pie flavor combos and knock your socks off frozen soups. The black bean is a market manager favorite. He reminds everyone that fruit, veggies, and legumes are good for you. Sleep well, my friend.

Griggstown Farm has been with our farmers’ market for many years. The business was established in 1975 by George Rude on preserved land in Franklin Township. It blossomed in the ensuing years by selling its products to restaurants and quality supermarkets. In 2002 it opened a retail store to sell its house-made specialties, home-grown produce, and poultry direct to you. It is especially known for its plump pot pies.

The farm was built using sustainable farming practices and is dedicated to producing natural and minimally processed products. They look to maintain a small carbon-footprint and compost their garden waste.

Griggstown Farms Pies

At our farmers’ market, Griggstown Farm sells poultry, eggs, sausages, hand-made cheeses, and mushrooms. Pick up one of its famous pot pies for an easy dinner.

Griggstown Farm Market is located at 484 Bunkerhill Road, Princeton, NJ. More information about the farm is available on their website, as well as tasty ways to serve their products.

Funds from our sponsors defray the costs for Montgomery Friends of Open Space, a 501c3 nonprofit organization to operate the farmers’ market for the community. Thank you for your support!

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