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Market Focus: Nine Acre Farm

Sunflower from Nine Acres Farm

The brilliant yellow-orange reaches out, grabs you by the collar, and draws you over to Nine Acre’s stand happiness wash over you as you mull over just which bunch of sunflowers is the most perfect. No, you are not alone in this; it’s an phenomenon comes over many folks, Sonya Sappington, owner of Nine Acre Farm with her husband, Bill, said to a visitor one market day. In fact, drivers on nearby Route 206 have been known to make an unplanned stop to the Farmers’ Market after seeing her beautiful sunflowers. She regularly sells out. One time after selling out, Ms. Sappington returned to the market with a second load, and sold out again. That’s the kind of effect these sunshine-y flowers have.

The Sappington family bought Nine Acre Farm in 2004, immediately planting an orchard. A few years later they began keeping bees and making sweet homemade honey. Sonya and Bill operate their farm in Skillman with the help of their daughter, Christina. In addition to the sunflowers and honey, the farm produces apples and peaches.

Although new to Montgomery’s Farmers’ Market, Nine Acre Farm quickly established itself with the market regulars and has been a popular addition. Brighten your home by taking home a bunch on market day. Heck, share the love, buy several bunches and brighten the day of a friend, a neighbor, or the newspaper guy. This could be catching!

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