Farmers’ Market is open for the 2015 season

The Farmers’ Market is open with more vendors than ever.
Check out the Farmers’ Market page for more information on vendors, sponsors, time, place and more.

Two New Properties Preserved

The township recently acquired a 7.86-acre piece of land at the north end of Hollow Road, and straddling Rock Brook, Montgomery’s cleanest stream. Once occupied by two homes which are now demolished, the land has been vacant for some time and the forest has grown back. Long ago Rock Brook was used for water power and the remains of a dam can be seen in the stream as a picturesque little waterfall. Montgomery Friends of Open Space hopes to see a driveway with a few parking places for visitors and hikers, and a picnic table or park bench near the stream. A pathway may be constructed through this property and could someday become a link in a trail along the Rock Brook from the northern township boundary and extending south and east toward Skillman Park. Montgomery Friends of Open Space contributed a grant of approximately $100k from Green Acres toward the purchase of this property.

We closed on a second property at the end of June. MFOS has partnered with Montgomery Township and Somerset County to purchase an easement for a development rights to the 29.45-acre farm on Mountain View Road owned by Johan and Emily Firmenich. The farm is surrounded by preserved farmland and other preserved land, plus the family home. In addition, a two-acre lot has been designated for possible future construction of a farmhouse. MFOS contributed a grant from the State Agriculture Development Committee of almost $250,000 for half the purchase price of the easement. The farm will continue to be owned and run by the Firmenich family. Though it will not be open to the public, we hope you will drive past this newly preserved farmland and appreciate the lovely view.

First Sundays in the Park

Sunday, September 6, 2015
Wildflowers and More – with Jim Amon and Clem Fiori
Hobler Park: 10:30 am

Join D&R Greenway’s former Executive Director Jim Amon and Montgomery’s own Clem Fiori as they help us explore the late summer wildflowers, butterflies, bugs and other delights in Clem’s back yard. Jim Amon was a founder of D&R Greenway and still participates in stewardship of their lands. Clem Fiori is a well known photographer, Chairman of the Montgomery Township Open Space Committee, advisor to Montgomery Friends and Trustee of NJ Conservation Foundation. He is also a longtime steward of the Hobler Park lands just behind his house.

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Tree Identification and Fall Foliage – with Sarah Roberts and Larry Koplik
Montgomery Park Arboretum: 1pm

Sarah and Larry will help us identify the wide variety of trees in the Montgomery Park Arboretum as we look for the first signs of Fall color. Sarah Roberts is an advisor to Montgomery Township’s Shade Tree Committee, Environmental Commission, and Open Space Committee, in addition to being the president of Montgomery Friends of Open Space. She is also a member of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey. She plants and tends native plants in several public gardens around town, and she advocates for native plants every chance she gets. Larry Koplik has been planting trees on his property in Harlingen since 1986. He has been a member of the Shade Tree Committee since 1997 and chair since 2007, in which capacities he has helped plan, plant and maintain the Arboretum since its founding in 1997.