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Market Focus: Fulper Farm

Hearth and home are the foundation on which the Fulper Family farm is built. Fulper Farms proudly counts on several generations of Fulpers, from Bob and Sally Fulper (aka Grandpop and Grandma) to the newest fifth generation, to create their delicious cheeses and yogurt. No one is left out, not even their three beloved cows, Claudia, Glory, and Shakira. It must be the love that makes their cheese so tasty.

Fulper Farms started more than 100 years ago in Lambertville when Mary Fulper brought a cow to feed the family along with the vegetables grown on the farm. The farm prospered and by the 1940s had expanded to 20 cows, which were milked by hand. Gradually technology was introduced to maintain the high quality products their customers had grown to expect, and by the 1960s they needed to keep up with the demands of milking the 80 cows! At the same time, the forward thinking family sought to protect the soil through state-of-the-art soil conservation methods. It set a precedent that is practiced today to create an environmentally friendly farm through solar energy, soil conservation and nutrient recycling.

Bob and Sally passed the reins of management to their sons Robert II and Fred, who are the current partners of the farm. However, the next generation is already actively participating in the evolution of the farm, moving it toward becoming a modern 21st century farm; Agritourism is ramping up the excitement and energy as summer camps, farm tours, birthday parties, and other events start up.

At Montgomery’s Farmers’ Market, you will find a selection of their fresh cheeses and yogurt available for tasting and purchase. They offer mozzarella, string mozzarella, nigella seed mozzarella, ricotta, and yogurt. All are delicious, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more! You can also order their delightful products online and pick it up at the farm. To find out more about their products or events at their farm, go to their website (www.fulperfarms.com).

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