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November 2014 — First Sunday in the Park at the Rock Mill Preserve.

October 2015 — Enthusiastic J&J Skillman team plants trees at Skillman Park.

Four-legged manager keeps team on task.

October 2016 Tree planing - J&J

February 2017 1st Sunday in the Park

Wildflowers and Weeds in Winter with Karen Linder

Lets go!
Vole tunnels
Vole tunnel entry

Rose hip
Praying mantis egg case
Bird nest
Karen Linder
Bagworm moth egg sac
Karen Linder and Clem Fiori
Blue stem andropogon
Ball gall
Dogbane/”Indian hemp”
Dogbane/”Indian hemp”

October 2017 1st Sunday in the Park

Wildflower walk with Mary and Charlie Leck

Charlie Leck kicks off the walk
Mary Leck talks lichen
Liking Lichen
Native Milkweed
Gall on Red Cedar
Invasive Mugwort
Gall Fly gall on Goldenrod
Native Queen Anne’s Lace a/k/a Wild Carrot
Two natives, Foxtail and Queen Anne’s Lace
Scarlet Pimpernel
Park Art

Milkweed bugs
See the grasshopper?


Checking out the art

Charlie Leck and friend distracted by the birds